Book Spotlight: Starfall by Paul Dixon

Book Spotlight: Starfall by Paul Dixon

She’s a Star Wolf, and she is definitely not from around here. She eats meteors, communicates telepathically and — best part — can fly.

When she wants to, anyway.

The world was turning out to be a far more magical place than I could ever have dreamed. Then an old enemy of my parents showed up, the man responsible for my mom’s disappearance when I was just two years old. He wants to use Starfall’s magic for himself and will stop at nothing to get his hands on her.

But he doesn’t know everything, including what I’m willing to do to save my best friend. Because no one is going to take Starfall from me.

Not in this world, or the next.

About Author Paul Dixon

Science fiction and fantasy author. Father of daughter. Long distance runner; climate technologist; driftwood artist. Deeply convicted that the pun is the highest form of humor.

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